Movie Reviews – The Predator & Destination Wedding

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Movie Reviews – The Predator & Destination Wedding

  1. The Predator

Director: Shane Black

There’s no new story here. The violent breed of aliens are back on Earth for their favourite past-time, human hunting.

There’s a LOT of bloodshed and gory deaths along the way. But it’s an emotional and visual death for anyone who watched this film. Oh, and there are dismal number of women characters in the film too, like two to be exact.

The Predator is an aimless movie aimed at the boys, but so weak is the script that, by now, the taunting and terrifying aliens from the first film, resemble caricatures of angry beasts.

2.Destination Wedding

Director: Victor Levin

They should have renamed this one Destination Dreading.

The trailer of the film introduces you to “two people not meant for anyone.” That’s a fact. They’re not meant for the audience as well. It takes special skill to make two likable, seasoned actors like Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder, bothersome. And that skill is aplenty in this film.

Misanthropes Frank (Keanu Reeves) and Lindsay (Winona Ryder) meet at a wedding. They’re united by the hatred for the groom, who happens to be Frank’s half brother and Lindsay’s ex. But so disconnected are the goings-on and so repulsive is the unthwarted anger that you’re always wondering why Reeves and Ryder are in the film.